2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 12:13pm

Welcome by President Amy Holibaugh

Approval of agenda-Andrea Altman motioned to approve agenda, Maureen Slayton 2nd, all approved.

Recognition of special anniversaries with AMTA-VT.

Recognition of Chapter Volunteers- Amy recognized Jintina Sundarabhaya and LJ Stewart with the Presidents’ Award.  Both will receive $50 gift certificates to Massage Warehouse.

Approve 2011 Business Meeting Minutes.  Darlene Dehaut motioned to approve, Andrea 2nd, all approved.

President’s Report
-Review online elections-previously approved but no vote due to 1 candidate per position.  President Amy Holibaugh did this to save money for the chapter.
-Committee appointments-looking for volunteers to head committees, no volunteers at meeting.
-Standing Rules (found on google docs), Amy gave a description of each standing rule to members and asked for questions/discussion.  Laura Bull made a motion to approve the Standing Rules, Diane H. 2nd, all approved.

Committee chairs to gather with members for questions.
Review of budget by members.
Q: Where to we get income?  A:  Membership, New England Regional Conference (NERC), Annual Educational Event.
Suggestion of pre/post workshops at NERC
Suggestion of forming a VT MERT
Rich Royer made a motion to approve the budget, Laura 2nd, all approved.

President, open for nominations on the floor-none.  Rich motioned to close, Maureen 2nd.
2nd VP-Maureen Slayton
3rd VP-Victoria O’Neil
Secretary-Laura Bull
Treasurer-Andrea Altman
Diane H. motioned to approve the slate, Darlene D. 2nd, all approved.
Oath of office by newly elected officers.

At this time since there is no one to go in the President’s role, Amy will stay in to finish business but will resign by the end of 2012.  She will act as the Immediate Past President and follow instructions from Nationals.

Thank you present to Amy from BOD

Handing out of prizes and goody bags to membership.

Meeting adjourned at 1:23pm

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Vice President’s Message – January 2013

This is such a great time of year as days are getting longer and Vermont is on the downhill path into springtime and  the ‘promise of Spring’ is often present in the air.

For the Vermont Chapter this is an exciting time.  We are still reveling in the afterglow of a very fun and fantastic annual membership meeting and workshop that was held in Brattleboro in November 2012 with a presentation by Dr. Joe Muscolino, DC.  It was my pleasure to meet so many members there and it was a great event.

And now we’re looking forward to the National Education Regional Conference or NERC, in Framingham, MA in March. It’s such an excellent opportunity to network with other New England therapists, earn CEU’s, and shop, all at a very reasonable price.  We’ll be announcing the lucky Perry Plouffe recipient, who will attend the Conference as an honorary Vermont Chapter representative for free.  Look for highlights and information on NERC and the November annual meeting in this newsletter and in your email.

Your Vermont AMTA Chapter is always looking for ‘Good News’ of your massage accomplishments, so please let us hear from you!  You can reach any of your board of directors by the contact information posted at www.amta-vermont.org.  And for AMTA membership information and all of your benefits as a massage therapist go to www.amtamassage.org. AMTA is behind you as a professional massage therapist and is here to support you 100%.

Happy Spring!

By Karen Rarick

Karen Rarick

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Thank You Amy Holibaugh

Our Thanks:

Our many, many THANKS to Amy Holibaugh, the AMTA-Vermont Chapter’s immediate past president.  Under her leadership the past two years, we saw the chapter grow and become a real presence in so many ways, especially on the internet.  Her presence will still be felt in the communications realm within our chapter.

We wish you all the best Amy!

~ The Vermont Chapter AMTA

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Important Dates

March 14-17th New England Regional Conference www.amta-nerc.org

September 25-28th AMTA National convention www.amtamassage.org

November 2-3rd AMTA-VT Annual meeting and educational weekend www.amta-vermont.org

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Massage Without Boarders


Massage Without Borders, a non profit organization, whose mission is to provide immediate or temporary relief for the massage therapy and healing arts community during times of  natural disaster or other long term crisis.

MWB gathers resources and funding to assist our massage therapy and healing community initiating and empowering local recipients to be self sufficient during recovery from disaster and trauma.

MWB will promote and provide educational trainings led by our trainers in healing touch for survivors along with other workshops, so as to beneficially have an IMPACT on  those who have been affected by disaster and conflict including survivors, fire responders, emergency personnel and other care providers. It is our intention to offer educational trainings and/or scholarships to those in  extreme financial distress when grant funds become available.

This is a new project inspired by the call for immediate action after Hurricane Sandy from our colleagues.

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Government Relations Report

Have you checked in with NCBTMB lately? Here’s the latest, hot off the press!

Board Certification Creates a New Standard

On January 1, 2013, we launched a new credential, Board Certification. This new credential requires fulfilling additional qualifications, including more education, hands-on experience and a background check. Therapists achieving this credential will have the proper foundation to better serve their clients and demonstrate a commitment to raising the standards of the profession that have remained stagnant for the past 20 years. Achievement of Board Certification is the highest attainable credential level in the profession. As in other professions, Board Certification will be an additional differentiator for you as you advance through your career. NCBTMB will actively publicize this credential along with those who attain it.

To find out more about credentialing and how this impacts YOU…check out www.ncbtmb.com

By Maureen Slayton

 Maureen Slayton

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HOD Report

Greetings from your HOD representative! I had the honor of attending the AMTA National Convention in Raleigh, NC and wanted to share the results of our House of Delegates meeting on October 4, 2012.

There were quite a few position statements brought up for a vote in the HOD
business meeting this year. It is the role of the HOD representatives from each state
to vote on the position statement presented, and if accepted – they become official
position statements of the AMTA. For each position statement proposed, there was
a handout on the background information, rationale, and cited research studies to
support the proposed position statement.

As this was my first year as the AMTA-VT HOD representative, I was interested to learn
from other seasoned HOD members what the process has been like in past years.
From the people I spoke with, there were more position statement proposals this
year than previous years. I will outline the position statements that passed and
failed during our HOD business meeting.

Position Statements that Passed:

  • It is the position of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA hereafter) that massage can be effective in reducing low back pain.
  • It is the position of the AMTA that massage therapy can help improve sleep.
  • It is the position of the AMTA that massage therapy can be a beneficial part of an integrative treatment plan for those who suffer with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Position Statements that Failed:

  • It is the position of the AMTA that creating public health initiatives which promote massage therapy for health and wellness would benefit the public.
  • It is the position of the AMTA that massage therapy can be good for health.
  • It is the position of the AMTA that massage therapy can assist in the rehabilitation of burn scars.

One of the ‘seasoned‘ delegates brought up a great point during our meeting that
really helped clarify the process of voting on these position statements.  Her point was that a position statement could have good meaning, yet the research cited might not back up the statement. Sometimes the specific wording of a position statement is what prevents its passage. Proposed statements have to be accepted “as is”, so delegates who object to some of the wording would vote against the passage of that position statement.  Overall, the meeting was a great experience, and I felt honored to represent the state of Vermont. During the next year, I will make sure to keep AMTA-VT members apprised of the proposed position statements for the 2013 National Convention.

By Andrea Altman

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An Invitation to Participate From Your VT AMTA Board

AMTA-Vermont Chapter elections were held at the annual membership meeting November 2012.  For those of you who were present at the meeting, you know that there were no nominations for the position of President of the chapter, when our current President, Amy Holibaugh, decided not to run for a second term.  So, currently the chapter is without a president.  However, the AMTA-Vermont Chapter Board of Directors is pulling together to cover the all bases and continue to keep our Vermont Chapter the strong presence that it has become.  The Board would love to have your input and talents to help us with our endeavor!  Whatever volunteer time you have to offer would be appreciated in a variety of ways.  Your involvement is vital to the chapter!  You can contact any board member as listed at the chapter website www.amta-vermont.org or contact us at www.membership@amta-vermont.org.

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NERC Update

Now that I’ve attended several New England Regional Conference (NERC) planning meetings, I realize what a massive effort it takes to properly plan and execute the event every year.

This year’s NERC, “ONE HEART MANY HANDS” (Hosted by Rhode Island Chapter) is March 14-17, 2012 and is NERC’s 30th Anniversary! As the date nears, it becomes more apparent what a monumental undertaking the Host Chapter takes on.

The educational offerings look fabulous! The opportunity to be amongst our professional peers from across the region is another good reason to attend, either in part or in its entirety.

Perhaps you prefer to volunteer?

Each of the 6 NE States has a voice in NERC and shares all responsibility that goes along with the conference. We also share in any profit, with the Host State receiving an additional amount. The “hosting” rotates in order, although the physical conference and planning meetings have been outside Boston, MA for many years. The NERC Committee feels a consistent venue near major airports is important to the success of the conference.

Vermont was scheduled in the rotation to host NERC in 2014. Given we haven’t had consistency with our VT-NERC Representatives, we must admit there’s insufficient operating knowledge for us to host NERC in 2014. We’ve decided to pass on our host turn, but have not relinquished our involvement. The more we are involved, the more momentum we will gain.

I encourage you to participate in this year’s conference by attending and volunteering.

Please consider becoming a NERC Rep or Alternate. It’s a somewhat long term commitment to our profession, chapter and region, but we need a strong foundation year-after-year if we are to host any time in the future.

We realize it’s necessary to pass our turn at host so we might focus our time and energy on the VT-State level 1st and foremost. Let’s use NERC 2013 as a starting place to grow via the companionship and experience of our fellow New England Regional Chapters.

Please consider attending and/or volunteering so Vermont can grow our strength.

For more information go to <www.amta-nerc.org>

by LJ Stewart


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Perry Plouffe Scholarship Winner

And the Winner Is…

AMTA-VT is pleased to announce that Maureen Slayton is this year’s recipient of the Perry Plouffe Scholarship!

Every year, each New England AMTA Chapter raises money for the Perry Plouffe Scholarship, in honor of an extremely dedicated AMTA member who passed away in a car accident.  Perry Plouffe was the driving force behind the creation of the AMTA New England Regional Conference (NERC) and also had a strong involvement in the organization of the AMTA National Convention.  Currently, each AMTA New England Chapter offers at least one scholarship to one of their members, which pays for a full registration to attend the AMTA NERC.

At our Annual Meeting and Educational Event, this past November, we hosted a White Elephant Silent Auction.  All proceeds went to the Perry Plouffe Scholarship fund enabling our chapter to pay for an AMTA-VT member’s tuition to AMTA NERC.

As our 2013 Perry Plouffe Scholarship winner, Maureen joins a long list of past recipients and will receive free registration to the 2013 New England Regional Conference, in Framingham, MA on 14-17, 2013.

Thank you to all who applied, and please do consider applying for next year’s scholarship!

By Jintina Sundarabhaya

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